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What Would Your Life Look Like If You Could Work Your Own Hours, At Home, Around Your Kids And Lifestyle?
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  • Business Basics: The exact steps I took to set up my business in 5 weeks to earn $1700 in my first month in business. You CAN start your business on a shoestring (and FAST).
  •  Portfolio Building & Your Brand: Checklists and step by step processes for building your portfolio. How to know when it is time to start charging for your work. We will talk about the importance of branding and how to know what type of images to showcase on your website.
  •  Your Online Store: How to create your own website on a budget, even if you are not very technical. Resources, recommended websites and the only 7 things you need on your website to set you up for success.
  •  Navigating Facebook and Using Social Media For Free Advertising: My 10 Top Tips for getting the most out of Facebook without having to pay for adverts. Which platforms to focus on, and how to create and integrate your social media content into your online presence.
  •  Which Products Should You Offer & How Much Should You Charge: What you should offer, what suppliers should use for which products? How to work out what you should charge. Recommended resources for Australia and the USA for printing, packaging and products.
  •  From Session Enquiry to Sale: Your step by step guide on how to manage the shoot process. Recommended resources and suppliers from model releases to client image delivery to receiving payments for your sales.
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If you implement the steps I prescribe within 30 days of the course date and you still don't get your first paying client, I’ll offer you a free one-on-one coaching session to get you back on track. These are full-fledged mentoring sessions which are not offered to anyone else. If you put in the work and go through the process, you WILL make money from your passion for photography and build a business around work that excites you. It’s worked for the girls I have stepped through this process, it's worked for me, and will for you as well.

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